Xamarin.Forms Training Course

This course focuses on enterprise line-of-business Xamarin.Forms Applications. Students are guided through hands-on excercises that cover all stages of development - from creating the new solution to fixing bugs and re-releasing to the app store(s).

During the course, students build a simple app and walk through all stages in the development/release cycle.
Please contact us for scheduling availability:
  • 5 eight hour sessions
    one week (full immersion)
  • 6 seven hour sessions
    spread out (once a week or once every two weeks)
  • Or, if your team has specific scheduling needs -
Following is a listing of topics typically covered during the Xamarin training course:
  • Intro to Cross Platform Development
  • Code Repositories (using GitHub)
  • Specific considerations for building Android, iOS and UWP
  • .Net Standard Libraries
  • Visual Studio Project Templates
  • XF Solution Structure
  • Page Types
  • View/Layout Types
  • Types of Platform Specific Code
  • Plugins
  • Dependency Injection
  • XAML – history and overview of controls
  • Event Handling in the code behind
  • Gesture Recognizers
  • XAML Styles
  • Font Awesome
  • Microsoft AppCenter
  • Crash Reporting and Analytics
  • Automated Builds, CI/CD
  • Azure AD Authentication
  • Configuration & Settings
  • MVVM – Views and ViewModels
  • Data Binding
  • INPC
  • MVVMLight – ObservableObject and RelayCommand
  • Mobile Project Management
  • Data Sync and Persistent Storage with SQLite
  • Dependency Injection – Ninject
  • Mobile database design
  • Data Models and Object Models
  • List Views
  • Type Converters
  • Mobile UI Design
  • Navigation Patterns in Xamarin.Forms
  • Beware the Bezel Notch!
  • Deletes vs. Soft Delete of data
  • Custom Controls
  • Platform Specific requirements
  • Connecting to a Public API
  • Building an API, hosted in Azure
  • Azure Databases
  • Replacing Sample Data with API Data
  • Running the API locally or in the Cloud
  • API Development Tools
  • App Lifecycle
  • Safe Backgrounding
  • Xamarin Forms Message Center
  • Custom Renderers
  • Application Install ID
  • Versioning
  • Distribution Provisioning and Signing
  • Making the Release Build
  • Release to QA via AppCenter
  • Store Submission
  • Enterprise Distribution via AppCenter
  • Store Rejection and Resubmission
  • Tracking and fixing bugs